Special Services

Service Fee Update

New Share Account & Service Fees will be effective September 01, 2011. Fee Schedule is available at our Credit Union office.

Wire Transfers

At IEG FCU, you can wire funds from your account to your friend, family, or business associates through other financial institutions locally, nationally, or internationally. The receiving financial institution must have a routing number. IEG FCU is also able to receive incoming bank wire to your account. You must be a member at IEG FCU to do a bank wire. Click here for more info...

Telephone Transfer

Our member service representative will do the transfer(s) for you over the telephone provided that you have a telephone "PIN" or Personal Identification Number.

If you need to set up one or have forgotten, please stop by our office with a valid ID and our member service representative will assist you.

Note: If you have more than one account, you must set up a "PIN" number for each.

Payroll Deduction & Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit at IEG FCU is a service in which your pay is automatically deposited into your checking, savings, christmas savings account, etc. By authorizing your employer to make payroll deposits into your account, your paydays are hassles free. Click here for more info...

Notary Public Services

Notary Public services are available at IEG FCU. Free for credit union members, nominal fee for non-members. Call for an appointment.

Money Orders

Money Gram Money Orders are as good as cash. They can be issued in any amount up to $1,000 and are accepted as cash almost anywhere.

Hawaii Fuel Network Membership

Want to reduce your cost of gasoline? Yes? Pick up your application to join HFN today. The application to join HFN for cheaper gas is available at your IEG FCU office or can be downloaded here.

We’ll fax it over to them for you.

Financial Education through Balance Pro

IEG FCU has joined up with Balance to provide free, yes FREE, Credit and Debt Counseling. Services are available on line and on the phone, speaking in confidence with professional financial counselors.

Balance provides you with on line financial education. It’s all FREE.

Click here to learn more...

Regal Cinemas Movie Ticket

Premiere Movie Ticket, No Restrictions — $8.25

Visa CU Money Gift Cards & Visa CU Money Travel Cards Available

Sprint - 10% Off Select Regularly Priced Plans

Visit the Sprint Credit Union website for more information.