Shares (Deposits)

What is Regulation D (Reg. D)?

Regular Shares (Savings)

Whether you just need to place a stash of cash short term or you're looking for long-term investment vehicles, IEG FCU has what you need.

Share Drafts (Checking)

IEG FCU provides one of the friendliest checking acounts in town. See why our members are happy about their checking account.

  • No minimum balance required
  • Absolutely no monthly service charge
  • No per check charge
  • Earn interest on your checking account (Dividend paid monthly)
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Free overdraft-protection available
  • Funds accessible through VISA DEBIT CARD
  • Direct deposit from payroll, social security benefits, etc.
  • Same Day Temporary Check (free)

To apply, simply fill-out the IEG FCU share-draft application form. Temporary checks will be issued to the member after the initial deposit is made to the new share-draft account. That means you can write your checks the same day you open your share-draft account.

If there are more than one account holder under an existing account, all must sign the application form. Otherwise, a Second-Account will be set-up for an individual share-draft account.

Applicant(s) will be verified through TeleCheck.


Need a coach to help in managing your checking account? Click here to visit with the Anytime Adviser Checking Account Coach.

You may also reorder checks online - click here to visit Liberty's check reorder website.

Youth Savings Account

Contact Credit Union for more information

Christmas Shares

Christmas Savings usually comes in handy? during the holiday season! Open one at IEG FCU and save up to buy that special gift you always wanted to buy for yourself, your spouse, or that someone special. You can even open a Christmas Savings for a friend or family member too!

  • Minimum to open an account is only $5.00
  • Interest rate is competitively high
  • Direct deposit from your payroll, social security benefit, etc.
  • Christmas Savings mature on October 1st
  • Dividend will be paid to your Christmas Saving balance on the date of maturity
  • You may keep your Christmas Savings account open following the maturity date by depositing any amount not greater than the maximum allowed per month
  • We can credit your Regular Share, Share-Draft or your special someone's account here at IEG FCU
  • Christmas Savings at IEG FCU may be opened during any month throughout the year; for maximum interest benefits, the best month to open is OCTOBER!

To open one, simply fill-out the IEG FCU Christmas Club application form. Please call us if you want a form to be mailed to your address, or if you prefer, you may stop by and visit us.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Start planning for your retirement today by opening an IRA account at IEG FCU. With outstanding rates and funds that grow tax deferred year after year, an IRA account is an important part of your long-term savings portfolio. A Traditional IRA offers tax-deferred earnings and the possibility of tax deductible contributions. A Roth IRA is funded by non-deductible contributions but gives owners the opportunity for tax-free withdrawals. An Education IRA enables parents and others to deposit $500 per year to be used for educational purposes. Earnings grow tax-free if you meet the income requirements.

IRA Certificates

Contact Credit Union for more information.

Certificates Accounts

Certificates Accounts from IEG FCU are an excellent investment opportunity if you do not need immediate access to your funds and want to invest for longer periods to obtain high rates of return.

Money Market Savings

Another special product IEG FCU provides to its member is Money Market Shares. It works like a saving account with higher interest rate with few limitations as listed below. Advantages for having a money market are the higher interest rates and the higher balances required which means, you can save more and earn more.

Minimum Opening Deposit:

  • $2500.00

Interest Rates:

  • 50 points above the highest regular share (S0) dividend rate
  • If the minimum daily balance of $2500.00 is not met, then the annual percentage rate/yield shall be the rate/yield of the share draft account
  • Click here, or on the "more info" button below, for rate information

Account Limitation:

  • The minimum withdrawal is $250.00
  • Each deposit should be $250.00 or more
  • The money market shares may NOT be used as collateral.