Audio Response System - 24/7 Moneyline

IEG FCU apologizes for the discontinuance of our 24/7 Money Line Telephone Service. About a year ago our “Audio Response” computer broke. It was old. To replace the specific piece of equipment would cost well over $10,000. We had looked for less expensive ways to renew the service and the lowest price we could facilitate was $8,000. Because of the high cost imposed by our data processor (FISERV Incorporated), we have now chosen to discontinue the Telephone Money Line and concentrate in providing a mobile banking app in addition to our already terrific on-line branch.

IEG FCU aims to provide the most cost effective and up-to-date technologies for all members. We are presently targeting June 2013 to start a mobile banking service and upgrade all our computer and internet systems at that time. We will keep everyone informed of our activities and progress to provide professional, modern and cost effective financial services.