HT&T FEDERAL CREDIT UNION was organized on January 14, 1948 with a common bond of Occupation Charter.

The sponsor of Hilo Transportation & Terminal management felt the need for assistance to employees to promote thrift among its members in a sound association. Also to help others who are in need of assistance to provide credit at a reasonable rate.

In 1954 a number of employees at C. Brewer & Company, the parent company of Hilo Transportation & Terminal Company, wanted to form a credit union for their employees. C. Brewer management felt that since one of the subsidiary company, Hilo Transportation & Terminal had a credit union they requested that HT&T Federal Credit Union amend their field of membership to accept the employees of C Brewer & Company. Thereafter, each subsidiary of C Brewer & Company was added to the field of membership with the exception of the sugar plantations as each plantation had their own credit union.

As the credit union grew larger, the directors felt it was time that the credit union was financially able to be on its own and not depend on its sponsor for financial assistance. In 1976, property was purchased from C. Brewer that was in the vicinity of the Brewer Corporate Office building and near to several of the Brewer subsidiaries, which included Waiakea Villas Resort, Wailoa Recap and Miko Meat. In 1977, the Credit Union Building was built, and thereafter, the companies near the credit union were either sold, relocated or liquidated. Fortunately, we had in our field of membership‚ “once a member always a member"‚ and since the location was ideal and very accessible, we had maintained our growth and grew to our highest asset of $15,995,995 in 1990.

Since 1990 our assets, membership, shares and loans have progressively decreased to $14, 500,000 largely due to the economy and the demise of the sugar plantations. Since majority of the C Brewer subsidiaries lifeline was from the sugar plantations, many of the subsidiaries were sold, liquidated or downsized. The effect, loan volume and shares have decreased sharply in the past five years and bad debts, and bankruptcy has been at an all time high especially in 1997 and 1998.

In 2000, NCUA allowed credit unions the opportunity to expand their field of membership. The board of directors voted to remain as a company base credit union and voted to become a multiple employer group . Since then we have added twelve companies within the three miles radius of our credit union. We are able to keep our Brewer companies that were sold.

November 2004, we received approval to add thirteen census tracts in Hawaii County, Hawaii community to our field of membership. See map.